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Awakening the Brain, a book by Dr. Charlotte A. Tomaino

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About Dr. Charlotte A. Tomaino

Dr. Charlotte A. Tomaino

Dr. Charlotte Tomaino began her exploration into the realm where spiritual meets physical at a young age when she decided to become a Catholic nun. After three years of silence in spiritual formation, Dr. Tomaino became increasingly aware of the incredible impact our beliefs can have on the human experience.

Eager to explore this idea from a scientific perspective, Tomaino chose to pursue a PhD in neuropsychology from the City University of New York. She went on to receive training in diagnosis and treatment of brain function at Mount Sinai Medical Center and Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, and spent an additional year training in and integrated treatment in cognitive rehabilitation at Temple Medical Center in New Haven, Ct.

Today, Dr. Tomaino has more than 30 years of clinical experience as a neuropsychologist and has garnered national media attention in TIME magazine and the New York Times for her groundbreaking treatment methods accessing the power of neuroplasticity. Her clinical case studies offer compelling evidence that the thoughts we choose to focus on can have a profound effect on our brain structure.

Drawing from her experiences as both a doctor and a former nun, Dr. Tomaino is able to uniquely address the profound power of belief and spirituality on the brain. Through her private practice she has helped hundreds of patients recover from brain injuries, giving her remarkable insight into human potential.

As a full-time clinician in White Plains, New York, Dr. Tomaino helps patients develop practical solutions for the loss of brain function from injuries in falls, strokes, aneurisms, and other traumatic incidents. Training the brains of those who have suffered injuries has given her remarkable insight into what is possible for people whose brains are intact and ready for expansion. She wrote Awakening the Brain to make her applied neuroscience methods and techniques used in treatment available to all.